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This privacy policy (“Policy”) describes how Plutope Pvt Ltd. (“Company”, “we”, “our”, or “us”) collects, uses, shares, and stores personal information of users of its website, . This Policy applies to the Sites, applications, products and services (collectively, “Services”) on or in which it is posted, linked, or referenced.


We value your right to privacy and the security of your personal information. More information on how we use Plutope to process your personal data can be found in the sections below. Except when necessary to supply our services and goods to you, comply with legal obligations, improve Plutope, safeguard our rights, or carry out a business transfer, we never disclose personal information to other parties. Please contact us at If you have any queries regarding our policy.


You consent to the use, disclosure, and practices described in this Privacy Policy by using Plutope, including by taking any of the following actions
  • Signing up for the Plutope App Services
  • Using the Plutope App or App Services;
  • Receiving the Terms, or notice of the Terms, including in connection with any transaction with Plutope, whether by email, in the Plutope App, via our website, or by any other means not inconsistent with the electronic delivery provisions;
  • Giving Plutope a written or electronic signature, clicking “I accept” or “I agree” to be bound as applicable; or
  • Installing, using, updating, or otherwise interacting with your Plutope App.
Upon taking any of the foregoing actions, You shall be deemed to have entered into a binding agreement with us and shall be deemed to have expressly read, understood and agreed to be bound by these Terms.


We do not collect any Personal information except for your contact information, such as your phone number, or email address (depending on how you contact us), which is only collected when you communicate with us for support, or if you report a bug or other error related to Plutope or when you interact with us through social media. When you use our Services, we process PUBLIC wallet addresses that you generate through Plutope Wallet.


We may use the limited information that we to improve your experience on our platform and to provide you with our services, in accordance with our terms of use, privacy policy, and anti-money laundering policy. Some ways we may use your Personal Information are to: Send you information, Respond to your comments, questions, or issues related to bugs or errors related to the Plutope wallet, changes in User’s Platform Account settings to our services or for updating you on new policies; send you periodic emails that may relate to company news, related product, service information. We may share or disclose your aggregated information only to the extent necessary, to any member of our related or group companies including but not limited to, our affiliates, including but not limited potential third-parties for the purpose of showcasing the performance of the company. These service providers and other persons may also share with us aggregated Non-Personal Information that they have independently developed or acquired. Additionally, we may combine aggregate information from the pixel tags, and web beacons, with similar data we collect from other visitors to help us improve our Services. When doing so, we do our best to ensure that aggregated information cannot be linked back to you. We may provide your Personal Information to our employees, contractors, agents, service providers, and designees (“Agents”) to enable them to perform certain services for us, including improvement of website-related services and features, and performance of maintenance services. Also, if we (or our assets) are acquired, or if we go out of business, enter bankruptcy, or go through some other change of control, your Personal Information could be one of the assets transferred to or acquired by a third party. By accepting this Privacy Notice, as outlined above, you consent to any such transfer. We will share personal information outside of Plutope if we have a reasonable belief that access, use, preservation, or disclosure of the information is reasonably necessary to comply with any applicable law, regulation, legal process, or enforceable governmental request; to cooperate with law enforcement; to enforce or apply our Terms of Use and other agreements; or to protect the rights, property, or safety of Trust Wallet, our employees, our users, or others.
Except as provided herein or as clearly disclosed to you at the time of collection, we do not solicit any sensitive personal information about you. However, if you share such information with us voluntarily, we will not be liable for any actions, claims, costs, expenses or other liabilities that may arise as a consequence of any unauthorized use or misuse of such information.
We understand that your personal data is sensitive and must be handled with the utmost care. As such, we will implement appropriate security measures to safeguard your information from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. By continuing to use our services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and accepted the terms of this data sharing clause

How we process your information

At Plutope, we prioritize your privacy and security. This clause outlines how we process information in relation to the services provided by our crypto wallet application, Plutope. The following statements describe our information processing practices:

Secure Wallet Creation

When you initiate the process of creating a wallet on the Plutope application, a cryptographic key pair is generated directly on the blockchain. This process ensures that no personal information is collected during wallet creation. This process ensures the highest level of security and privacy. The entire procedure is conducted under your control, providing you with full ownership and autonomy over your wallet.

Private Key Generation and Storage

Upon wallet creation, your private key is generated and securely stored and stored exclusively on your device. Plutope does not have any access to your private keys or any associated recovery information. This design ensures that your sensitive information remains within your possession and is not accessible by any external parties, including Plutope.


At Plutope, we value your privacy and are committed to maintaining the confidentiality and security of your personal data. We do not store or use or have access to any user information in any form. We may transfer personal data to our service providers or third parties in connection with Plutope’s operation of its business, as certain features on Plutope rely on various third-party products and services (collectively “Third Party Services”). However, we recognize that circumstances may change in the future, and it may become necessary to utilize user data for certain purposes. In the event that the need arises to store or share user data, we assure you that we will obtain your explicit consent before doing so. This means that any usage or sharing of your personal data by Plutope or any third-party will only be carried out with your prior permission. We shall always strive to be transparent about the data we collect, the purposes for which it is used, and any potential sharing with third parties. We will not sell or lease your personal data to any third party for commercial gains, and any sharing will strictly adhere to relevant data protection laws and regulations.
When you use third-party services (like when you connect your Plutope account with your bank account) or websites that are linked through our Services, the providers of those services or products may receive information about you that Plutope, you, or others share with them. Please note that when you use third-party services or Plutope Affiliate Services which are not governed by this Privacy Policy, their own terms and privacy policies will govern your use of those services and products.

Your Rights and Choices in a Decentralized System

We acknowledge and emphasize your complete control over the data you store on the blockchain through the Plutope application. You have the authority to manage, update, and remove your data as needed, in accordance with the established blockchain protocols. You are entitled (under the conditions, and subject to the exceptions, set out in applicable law) to: Request Access to the personal information we process about you: You can request access to the information we have collected from you. You can do this by contacting us at We will provide you with a copy of the data we process about you. To comply with your request, we may ask you to verify your identity. We will fulfill your request by sending your copy electronically. For any subsequent access request, we may charge you an administrative fee. Request a rectification of your personal data: If you believe that the information we have collected is incorrect or incomplete, you may contact us so we can update it and keep your data accurate. Object to the processing of your personal data: you may request that we no longer process your personal data. Request to erase your personal data: you may request the erasure of your personal data, including where such personal data would no longer be necessary to achieve the purposes for which it was collected. Wallet addresses created through the Plutope application cannot be deleted from the blockchain, therefore we are unable to delete this personal information. If at any point you wish for Plutope to delete information about you, you may contact us at Request the restriction of the processing of your personal data: you may request that Plutope only processes your personal data in limited circumstances, including with your consent.


Plutope is committed to safeguarding the privacy and data protection rights of our users and ensuring compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and all relevant privacy guidelines. We value the trust placed in us and strive to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and security of personal information shared by our users. This compliance statement outlines our commitment to adhering to the following principles:

Data Collection and Usage:

We do not collect or process any personal data except for specified and legitimate purposes, as outlined in our Privacy Policy. We ensure that user’s data is used only in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


Prior to processing any personal data, we obtain explicit consent from users, explaining the purposes for which the data will be used. Users have the right to withdraw their consent at any time.

Data Accuracy:

We take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal data we collect is accurate, complete, and up-to-date. Users can request corrections to their data if inaccuracies are identified.

Data Retention:

Personal data is retained only for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes for which it was collected, and in compliance with legal obligations.

Data Security:

We implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction. Our security practices are regularly reviewed and updated to address emerging threats.

Data Sharing:

We do not share personal data with third parties unless explicitly authorized by the user or required by law. When sharing data with third parties, we ensure they comply with the same level of data protection.

Data Subject Rights:

We respect the rights of data subjects, including the right to access, rectify, erase, restrict processing, and portability of their personal data. Users can exercise these rights through our designated channels.

Incident Response:

In the event of a data breach or incident, we have established procedures to promptly identify and mitigate any potential harm to users' personal data. Affected users will be informed in accordance with legal requirements.

Privacy Awareness and Training:

Our employees and associates receive regular privacy training to ensure awareness of GDPR and privacy guidelines and their responsibilities in protecting user data.

Compliance Monitoring:

We regularly assess our privacy practices to ensure ongoing compliance with GDPR and privacy guidelines. Any necessary updates or enhancements are promptly implemented.
By using our services, users acknowledge and agree to our GDPR and privacy compliance practices. We reserve the right to update this statement as needed and recommend users review it periodically for any changes.


We retain your information as needed to provide our Services, comply with legal obligations, or protect our or others’ interests. While retention requirements vary by country, we maintain internal retention policies on the basis of how information needs to be used. This includes considerations such as when the information was collected or created, whether it is necessary in order to continue offering you our Services, whether we are required to hold the information to comply with our legal obligations, including AML/KYC compliance or other financial regulatory obligations, or information preservation requirements. We also keep certain information where necessary to protect the safety, security and integrity of our Services, Customers, and Users.
Our third party identity verification service providers retain this information for as long as set out in their applicable notices/policies.
In line with these considerations, we delete information that is no longer needed for the above purposes when you close your account, or when you request deletion of your information.


Third-Party Integrations and Data Interaction

PlutoPe offers you the option to integrate third-party services through smart contracts or decentralized applications (DApps). When you choose to integrate such services, data sharing with these entities is governed by the logic embedded within the respective smart contracts. It's important to note that we do not control or manage the data sharing terms established by these third-party contracts. We encourage you to thoroughly review the terms and policies of these contracts before proceeding with any integration.

Public Blockchain Data and Transparency

Certain data, such as transaction details and wallet addresses, are inherently part of the public blockchain. This information is accessible to anyone with access to the blockchain network. While this transparency is a fundamental feature of blockchain technology, we advise you to exercise caution when sharing sensitive or personally identifiable information. Always consider the public nature of blockchain data before engaging in transactions or sharing data on the network.

Smart Contracts and Decentralized Applications (DApps)

Interactions with smart contracts and DApps involve the execution of code directly on the blockchain. When engaging with these contracts and applications, it's crucial to review and understand the terms, conditions, and policies associated with them. Smart contracts operate based on predefined rules and logic, and we recommend that you fully comprehend the implications of any interaction before proceeding.


Plutope employs a blockchain-based infrastructure for data storage and recognizes your right to engage with blockchain transactions pseudonymously. The security of user information is inherently tied to the robustness and cryptographic principles of the underlying blockchain technology with which the user interacts. The decentralized and distributed nature of the blockchain provides a high level of security against unauthorized access, tampering, or data breaches. Users can rely on the security measures inherent in the chosen blockchain to safeguard their data stored within the non-custodial wallet. Blockchain technology enables you to interact with the network without revealing your personal identity. This inherent privacy feature ensures that you can participate in transactions while maintaining the confidentiality of your personal information. Participation in decentralized networks involve governance mechanisms that enable users to collectively make decisions about protocol upgrades and changes. All transactions, including buy/sell, transfer, and swapping, are carried out directly on the blockchain. Our application serves as a secure gateway that facilitates direct interactions between you and the blockchain network. This ensures that your transactions are executed with the utmost transparency and security, without intermediaries having access to your transaction data. To offer advanced features such as Chainlink and Supra integrations, our application may interact with various blockchain protocols and smart contracts. When the application fetches data from the blockchain, it is processed locally within the app. This processing ensures that relevant and necessary information is available to you without compromising the security of the underlying blockchain network.We are committed to making sure your information is protected in accordance with applicable laws and our data privacy policies. The user acknowledges and agrees that the non-custodial wallet provided by Plutope operates on the principle of user-controlled private keys. Each user is solely responsible for the generation, safeguarding, and confidentiality of their unique private key. Plutope does not have access to, store, or possess knowledge of user private keys. Users are strongly advised to keep their private keys secure and confidential to prevent unauthorized access to their digital assets.


Decentralized systems offer increased privacy and control but may involve technical complexities and security risks. It's important to understand and consider these aspects when using decentralized applications.
As a user of PlutoPe, it's essential to consider the following aspects:

Technical Complexities

Decentralized systems often involve intricate technical processes, including key management, smart contract interactions, and blockchain protocol intricacies. Users should be prepared for a learning curve and should seek to understand the fundamental workings of the blockchain technology that underpins the application.

Security Risks

Decentralization does not eliminate the possibility of security vulnerabilities. While blockchain technology is designed to be secure, new risks and attack vectors can emerge. Users should adopt best practices for safeguarding their private keys and data, remain vigilant against potential threats, and stay updated on security developments.

Irreversible Transactions

Transactions conducted on the blockchain are typically irreversible. While this enhances security and prevents fraud, it also means that incorrect transactions cannot be easily undone. Users should exercise caution when confirming transactions and ensure accuracy before proceeding.


Safeguarding your information and assets is of utmost importance at PlutoPe. Our commitment to security is paramount, as evidenced by the measures outlined in this clause:
We place a high emphasis on the security of your data and assets. While we do not directly employ smart contracts within our wallet application, we have meticulously established a comprehensive range of security measures to guarantee the safety and privacy of your information. Our platform is fortified with robust security protocols designed to thwart unauthorized access, data breaches, and cyber threats, ensuring the integrity of your experience. Ensuring the highest level of security and reliability is our priority. To maintain a secure environment, we conduct routine code audits, performed either by our core team or by independent third-party security experts. When integrating with third-party services, we undertake thorough audits and evaluations of their security practices. Our collaborations are solely with reputable and established providers to ensure the security of your interactions within our app. To safeguard the confidentiality of your sensitive information, all data transmitted between your device and our servers is encrypted using industry-standard protocols, making interception virtually impossible. We offer multiple layers of authentication, including biometric options such as Face ID and Fingerprint recognition, guaranteeing that only authorized individuals can access your wallet. Our access control mechanisms further thwart unauthorized users from gaining entry. Our commitment to security extends to periodic security audits of our platform. These assessments identify and address potential vulnerabilities, bolstering our protective measures and reinforcing the safety of your experience. We actively encourage our user community to play a role in upholding our platform's security. Users are invited to report any suspicious activities or vulnerabilities, contributing to a collaborative effort that ensures a safe ecosystem for all.
Upholding your privacy is pivotal. We adhere to data protection regulations and do not collect unnecessary personal information. Any data collected is used solely to facilitate a seamless and secure user experience. We do not collect unnecessary personal information, and any data we collect is used solely for the purpose of providing you with a seamless and secure user experience.


Our Services are not targeted towards children, and our users must be at least eighteen (18) years old to use our services. The Sites and Services are not directed to persons under the age of 13, and we do not knowingly request or collect any information about persons under the age of 13. If a User or Customer being younger than 13 years of age submits any personal information, Plutope may require to close the respective accounts, steps shall be taken to delete the individuals information as soon as possible. If you are a parent or legal guardian of a minor child, we will treat any information that you provide us while using Plutope on behalf of your minor child as Personal Information as otherwise provided in this Privacy Policy. If you have questions concerning our information practices with respect to children, or if you learn that a child under the age of 13 has used Plutope, created a user account, or provided us with personal information, please email us at However, Company shall not be responsible for any loss caused to such individual due to sharing of such information in any manner.


In the event of any legal breach of this Privacy Policy or unauthorized access to user information, or for any legal inquiries, we encourage you to promptly contact us at Your communication will be treated with the utmost priority, and we will diligently investigate and address the matter in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. We are committed to maintaining the security and confidentiality of your information and take all necessary measures to rectify any breaches or violations promptly.


If you have any other queries or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, or if you have any complaints regarding the same, please contact us on our Support Portal, at
E-mail :
Mailing Address : 1094 - P Sector - 46, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122001


We’re always looking for ways to enhance our services, so occasionally we may also need to modify this privacy statement. When necessary, we will give you sufficient notice of any major changes before they take effect or as otherwise required by law. We post any modifications we make to our privacy policy on this website.