February 8, 2024

PlutoPe Wrapped 2023

As we bid farewell to the eventful year of 2023, PlutoPe stands out as a beacon of innovation and progress within the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain and fintech. Over the course of one year, the team at PlutoPe orchestrated a series of strategic initiatives, partnerships, and product launches that defined the company's trajectory and solidified its presence in the digital finance space. Let’s see how -

Q1: January - March 2023

Expanding Horizons through Marketing Campaigns

In January, PlutoPe launched strategic marketing campaigns in APAC and MENA, laying the groundwork for user base expansion in key regions.

Onboarding Mainstream Finance

March marked the initiation of integration and testing for on/off ramps, preparing PlutoPe for a comprehensive onboarding/offboarding process. A significant milestone was the contract signing with MasterCard, choosing global availability for mainstream financial integration.

Tokenomics Unveiled

Simultaneously, tokenomics for reward tokens began, setting the stage for a comprehensive reward system within the PlutoPe ecosystem.

Q2: April - June 2023

Diverse Beta Testing Across Blockchains

In May, PlutoPe commenced beta testing of its app on ETH, Polygon, and Bsc, ensuring cross-chain compatibility and a diverse user experience. KYB processes for Crypto Debit Card approval were streamlined, enhancing user accessibility and security. Partnerships with audit firms were established to fortify PlutoPe's commitment to security.

Native Token Preparations

By June, PlutoPe finalized tokenomics for its official token - PLT, paving the way for the launch of its native token and creating a sustainable token economy.

Q3: July - September 2023

Internal Testing

In September, PlutoPe focused on ensuring app functionality in low-network areas, showcasing its commitment to accessibility. The team conducted alpha testing internally, addressing issues before engaging the wider community in beta testing through a bug bounty program.

Q4: October - December 2023

Frontend and Backend Innovations

October witnessed improvements to the user experience with frontend implementations integrating on-ramp and off-ramp partners. Backend enhancements focused on rapid transaction processing, boosting efficiency and speed.


Thailand Blockchain Week (November 2023)

PlutoPe actively participated in the Blockchain Genesis event during Thailand Blockchain Week. The team not only attended the main event but also took the opportunity to sponsor a side event with APAC DAO named "Bull meets Bear." This engagement allowed PlutoPe to educate and connect with individuals about their innovative products and solutions.

India Blockchain Week (December 2023)

In December, PlutoPe made a significant impact at the India Blockchain Week event held in Bangalore. The team went beyond traditional promotional avenues, adorning the streets of Bangalore with PlutoPe posters on the backs of 100 auto-rickshaws. This creative approach not only raised awareness but also demonstrated PlutoPe's dedication to reaching a diverse audience.

New Website Launched

November marked the launch of a new website, providing a fresh interface to showcase PlutoPe's products. Check out now - www.plutope.io

App Launch and Educational Initiatives

December was a monumental month with the official launch of the PlutoPe app on the Google Play Store. PlutoPe actively participated in India Blockchain Week, combining on-the-ground engagement with a digital presence. The launch of the PlutoPe Academy aimed to bridge the knowledge gap and increase awareness of blockchain technology.

Security Reinforcement

Throughout the year, PlutoPe prioritized security and trust by partnering with audit firms for third-party validation, enhancing the overall reliability of its products and services.


As PlutoPe concludes a transformative year, these quarterly achievements highlight the company's dedication to innovation, user-centricity, and community building. Looking forward, PlutoPe is poised for continued success in shaping the future of finance and blockchain technology.

February 8, 2024
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