February 10, 2024

January 2024 - A Thrilling Inaugural Month!

Esteemed investors, welcome to an extraordinary year beginning with PlutoPe! As we conclude the inaugural month of 2024, we invite you to immerse yourselves in a dynamic blend of innovation, community engagement, and unparalleled achievements. 

This edition of our Investor's Chronicle promises to be a compelling one, unveiling remarkable accomplishments that have defined our journey thus far.

Product Updates:

Dapp Connect Live for Android

PlutoPe Dapp connect feature is now live for Android. This offers a seamless connection and integration of PlutoPe wallet with exciting Dapps from the ecosystem.

PlutoPe App Touches Down on the App Store

PlutoPe Wallet has officially landed on the Apple App Store! This momentous occasion begins in a new era of seamless crypto-fiat payments, secure trading, quicker transactions, and thrilling possibilities.

Router Partnership - Simplifying DeFi

In an effort to make DeFi more accessible, PlutoPe has collaborated with Router protocol. It introduces cross-chain swaps and lightning-fast transactions with Router Nitro integration for the PlutoPe wallet users.

Social Media Surge

  • X - X resonates with vitality, boasting 27 tweets that have garnered an impressive 10.7k impressions. Our heartfelt gratitude extends to you for your unwavering engagement. 
  • LinkedIn - Our LinkedIn experiences a surge with page views reaching 591, up by 1.9%. Unique visitors increase by 6.5%, custom button clicks rise by 3.6%, and reactions soar by 34.8%, fostering a thriving LinkedIn community of 3,269 followers.
  • Instagram - On Instagram, our influence extends to 507 accounts, engaging 379 followers and reaching 128 non-followers. Impressions stand at an impressive 3,225, profile visits at 146, and content interactions surge by 12%, totaling 241.
  • Discord - Discord hums with energy as 113 new members join, showcasing a remarkable growth rate of 391.3%. The total member count stands at 2140, with 102 visitors and a grand total of 1782 messages sent. 
  • Telegram - In Telegram, a surge of 313 new users joins, while despite 136 departures, total messages sent reach 902. With 68 active users, the most vibrant hours span from 5 pm to 9 pm IST, solidifying Telegram as a dynamic platform for PlutoPe discussions and updates.

Activity Highlights:

We have been a part of some really exciting X spaces revolving around the discussions on various aspects of the blockchain and DeFi space. Here’s a gist of them:

  • AMA on Future of Crypto Wallets with PlutoPe
  • An overview of DeFi in 2024

  • Dive into Gaming, Wallets, and Metaverse



Team PlutoPe at LNM Institute of Information Technology steals the spotlight at the hackathon.

VIT Chennai and NIT Tirchy:

PlutoPe witnessed an exciting participation in these thrilling hackathon events at the top universities across India.

In Closing:

As we revel in these accomplishments, our commitment to pushing the boundaries of crypto innovation remains still. Stay tuned for forthcoming developments, partnerships, and features that promise to elevate your PlutoPe experience.

A heartfelt thank you for being an integral part of this exhilarating journey. Together, we are shaping the future of finance!

February 10, 2024
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