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 Empowering You with
Crypto Freedom

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We Help you with
Making your crypto
world more comfortable
and easy.
But How?
Through our unique
wallet & debit card
Non-Custodial Wallet

PlutoPe's Non-
Custodial Wallet

PlutoPe offers a non-custodial crypto wallet that offers industry leading features while maintaining 100% self-custody.
Get upto 3.5% more crypto in hand when buying from the app.
Your crypto, your keys.
Fully open-source code.
Supported Chains
Eth, Bsc, Okx, Bitcoin, Polygon
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Spend your crypto with just a tap. Accepted everywhere where Visa is welcomed.
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Worldwide accessibility
Top up your card with crypto and spend anywhere in the world.
Card Features

Key Features

The user pays in crypto and the merchant gets paid in fiat.
Upto 3.5% crypto back on every transaction.
Crypto transactions are secured by industry leading encryptions by BitGo.
Upto 3x lower fees on international transactions.
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About Us

PlutoPe's Mission
and Values

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From product to a full ecosystem, we've built an incredible team of experienced people that share our passion for disruptive technology and vision of a new digital payments landscape.
In the recent bear market many centralized exchanges went bankrupt and users were not able to withdraw their own funds. PlutoPe wants to promote self-custody such that even if the company fails, users can still access their funds.
We are not here to shill crypto. We want our users to make calculated decisons while investing in cryptocurrencies.
Less than 5% of the world population holds crypto. PlutoPe plans to reach the other 95% of the people by creating awareness about the technology.
Chetan Tyagi
Founder & CEO
Priyanshu Mundra
MD Saif
Founders Office
Teja Charan
APAC community manager
Gurvinder Singh
Graphic Designer
Tarangini Goel
Legal Counsel

Our Journey

Q1 - (2022)
PlutoPe non-custodial wallet conception
Deep research and analysis.
Identifying user needs.
Incorporation of PlutoPe.
Q2 - (2022)
Onboarding development and product team
Developing Plutope's architecture
Q3 - (2022)
Product development begins for iOS and Android.
Hiring for in-house marketing team and CMO.
Q4 - (2022)
Wallet deployment on Binance Smart Chain complete.
EVM chain integration begins.
Alpha testing for wallet APK begins within the team.
Q1 - (2023)
Marketing campaigns in different regions such as APAC and MENA.
Partnership with off/on ramp providers.
Integration and testing for off/on ramp begin.
Contract signing with MasterCard card provider.
Tokenomics for reward tokens begins.
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Q2 - (2023)
Plutope app beta testing begins on ETH, Polygon, Bsc
KYB for Crypto Debit Card approval with partner.
Partnership with audit firms.
Tokenomics is finalised and the token contract begins
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Q3 - (2023)
Beta Testing (Bug Bounty) of the App with Crypto Community & developers
App launch on Play Store (Testing) & Apple Store (Test Flight)
Q4 - (2023)
Integrate BTC Network
Launch new website
Launch Plutope academy
Complete beta testing
Implement new backend
Introduce QR code to request amount feature
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Q1 - (2024)
Integrate new app UI/UX
Launch Plutope app
Develop web-based browser extension
Integrate on-ramp and off-ramp partners
Enable Lightning Network
Implement scan and pay functionality
Connect to dApps
Create SDK API documentation and enable third-party implementation
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Q2 - (2024)
Scan and pay (merchant gateway)
NFC card implementation

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